13 Clever Ways to Keep Your Child Happy! Studying has never been so fun!


This is an #AD for Mattel!

We’re traveling back to dino-time to get inspired by @Cave Club ( rel=”nofollow”>https://www.youtube.com/c/caveclub/videos.) the small community of BFFs who are taking over the prehistoric world with their fun adventures!

Today Rockelle wants to set up some fun learning activities for the tots, and teach them to count and play hopscotch! For the craft you’ll need a few pieces of foam paper (any color you prefer), a kid’s marker and the feet of the Tyrasaurus – yeah, that’s right, Tyra’s feet! Using a pencil, trace the feet on the foam board, carefully cut them with safety scissors, put numbers on them, and stick them on a thick piece of foam paper using non-toxic glue. Then, the tots can learn the numbers while having fun.

Music is also a huge part of the tots’ education. Follow the video to see how to make a fun xylophone using wooden sticks, non-toxic paint, bamboo straws, and non-toxic glue.

For the break, let’s create a simple swing set for the tots. We start by assembling the wooden sticks and connecting them using non-toxic glue. After it’s all dried, give it some color with non-toxic paint. This is the structure of the wing set. Set that aside to dry and move on to the swings. Take a piece of cardboard, cut it and paint it any color you like. Run a piece of yarn through the tiny holes in the cardboard pieces (as shown in the video), and hang them on the top of the structure. Secure it in place by tying the yarn in a knot and add some felt paper on top as additional decoration.

Another easy craft is a climbing rock for the tots and dynos. You’ll need a non-toxic foam block. Shape it using a safe modelling tool. After you’re satisfied with the look, move on to the next part – decoration. To cover the foam and give it some color, you’ll need to flatten out some modelling clay and put it on the top of our foam rock. For extra color, press some colorful rocks into it, and voila. Happy climbing!

Watch more videos with @Cave Club at https://www.youtube.com/c/caveclub/videos.

0:01 – Simple math trick for percentages calculation
0:17 – Fun activity game for tots and dynos
1:07 – DIY xylophone
1:49 – A fun DIY swing set
2:43 – A DIY climbing rock
3:37 – DIY campfire
4:14 – A fun Moon Painting
4:58 – A fluffy DIY pillow
5:36 – A beautiful DIY canopy bed
6:12 – DIY pool
6:47 – A DIY headband for Tyra and Rockelle
7:16 – DIY tropical leaf décor
7:55 – DIY crystals made of polymer clay

Music by Epidemic Sound: https://www.epidemicsound.com/

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