5 Miniature DIYs That Parents and Kids will Enjoy! Crafts for @Cave Club!


This is an #AD for Mattel!
Time to travel back in dyno-time and enjoy prehistoric adventures with Cave Club! Here are the first BFFs making history with their never-ending and fun adventures!
Today Fernessa felt inspired by 5-Minute Crafts and decided to do some fun DIY crafts for her little sister Furrah and her friends.
Let’s start with the first craft – a small campfire that will keep the evening warm and cosy for the whole @Cave Club
1. First, you need to take two different colored pieces of crepe paper (red & yellow) and cut them with safety scissors the same way you see in the video.
2. Then take a piece of cardboard and, using safety scissors, cut a circle into it – that will be your base.
3. After that, you’ll need a few branches. Paint them with non-toxic paint and place them in the piece of cardboard you just cut out.
4. Finally, roll up the two pieces of crepe paper so that they resemble a flower, place them at the center of your wood pieces, and voila.
5. If you want to take it a step further, place some colored rocks all around it! Now Fernessa and her friends can enjoy an evening in front of the campfire!
It’s time to introduce Furrah to the wonders of the night sky. You’ll learn how to create the Moon from scratch:
1. Take a piece of thick, dark-colored paper and cut a circle in the middle.
2. Take some metallic grey paint and a piece of kitchen foil. Crush the foil, dip it in the paint and tap it against your circle.
3. Do the same with black paint, and before everything dries, sprinkle some glitter on top.
To keep Furrah warm and cozy, Fernessa shows her how to make cute little pillows out of socks, and also creates a beautiful canopy bed decorated with leaves.
Watch until the end to enjoy crafts for other toys like Polly Pocket and Barbie.
And by the way, if you like these crafts, check out more videos with Cave Club at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtjlDJv1bBg3NHZnj3B7f6A/videos
0:07 – DIY campfire
0:43 – DIY moon
1:27 – DIY pillow
2:06 – DIY prehistoric canopy bed
2:42 – DIY pool for Tyrasaurus
3:16 – Cute DIY accessory for Tyrasaurus
3:46 – Beautiful DIY decorative leaves
5:16 – DIY birthday cake for Tyrasaurus
6:12 – DIY alien headband
6:37 – Cool crafts for Barbie
6:58 – DIY Unicorn

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