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They look so real, just like permanent ones!

Tattoos are beautiful, but not everyone wants something permanent on their skin. And the problem with most of the temporary tattoos out there is that they never look real or last long…Inkbox is something totally new! It looks like a permanent tattoo, which you can commit to for a shorter amount of time.
The ink develops into the top layer of the skin and darkens in color for 24-36 hours after application, changing it to dark blue or black. It lasts 1-2 weeks and fades as your skin naturally regenerates. You can shower with it, sweat, or go to the gym, and the tattoo will still be there. And the best part? It’s both painless and effortless to apply, and it’s made from skin-safe ingredients.
It’s a tattoo that uses semi-permanent tattoo technology. The active compound in For Now Ink™ is derived from a kind of South American fruit. The native inhabitants have been using this fruit for thousands of years for body decoration. Inkbox tattoos are the ultimate form of self-expression!
There’s a wide range of designs to choose from – from cute doodles to minimal aesthetic illustrations, and you can even photograph a design you like and have it delivered to your doorstep.

The tattoo can change with you, and with your style, mood, and outfits. Check out this video to see how to combine outfits and Inkbox tattoos!

00:11 – A sleeve tattoo
00:34 – How to show your tattoo through your jeans
00:56 – From a poster to a tattoo: Inkbox Tattoo
02:09 – A bold style for feet tattoos
02:45 – A cute torso tattoo
03:11– Beautiful knee tattoos
03:46 – Small elegant tattoos for the fingers
04:21 – An elegant back tattoo
04:47 – A fascinating galaxy style
05:38 – Finger tattoo ideas

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