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The team at I Like To Make Stuff has just released Fusion 360 For Makers, a 1-on-1 video course dedicated to teach your the ins and outs of 3d modeling with Fusion 360. Check out the course at https://ilt.ms/fusion and view the first few chapters for FREE.

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If you’ve reached a point where you are bursting with creative ideas and lack some of the skills to bring those ideas to life, 3D modeling can help. Creating a digital representation of your awesome ideas can help you save time and money by figuring out material needs, construction plans, and digital machine tasks. Fusion 360 is our favorite 3D modeling software because it has a free license, can easily update our models when things change, and can send out your designs to many automated machines.

Most of I Like To Make Stuff’s online content is purposefully trimmed so we can convey points efficiently. This Fusion 360 For Makers course is specifically designed to be slower and more conversational in nature. We understand that learning 3D modeling can be daunting and we’ve designed this course with first-timers in mind. The course has over 4 hours of 1-on-1 video content that you can navigate though at your own pace. Need some help during the course? You can pause, rewind, and even ask direct questions by using the chat option.

It’s always been our goal to help you achieve your making goals. We’ve always wanted to inspire you to make the things you want to have by producing how-to videos and selling digital plans. Fusion 360 For Makers allows you to take the next step of bringing your own creations to life. If you’re curious about the course, you can check out the first few chapter for free.

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Fusion 360 For Makers // Online Course | I Like To Make Stuff

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