PARENTING LIFE AND HACKS || Awesome TIPS from moms and grandmas


Awesome life hacks from moms and grandmas. Grandma always knows what’s best for you, right? Today we want to share some fun hacks and relatable moments with you dedicated to grandmas and moms. It’s always interesting to see how grandparents react to new trends, so start watching this video to see how a grandmother reacted to a POP IT toy 🙂 I’m sure you’ll love it! How many times have you asked your mom to give you some money, and she was not willing to do it😅 But grandma… she’s always ready to support you anytime! She will never let you stay hungry, sad, penniless, and she really likes taking care of you! Even if you’re in your 30s ☺️ Let’s also see some fun pregnancy moments. Maybe you can relate to some of them. For me, it’s eating every freaking thing in the kitchen sometimes, even though I’m not pregnant😶 Pregnant women and moms have many difficulties that we have no idea about or just don’t pay attention to. So let’s be more patient with them. Our moms and grandmas care about us, but in different ways❤️

00:22 — When you ask your mom for some money
05:08 — How to deal with an angry boss
09:04 — Great hack for a baby pacifier
13:27 — Grandma’s stocks
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